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Trend Panels

Welcome to the Factory direct store of Trend Panels. Lets transform your ordinary walls into spectacular dramatic spaces by providing an elegant and stunning 3D visual impact.

About Trend Panels

Trend Panels is the brand deals in all kind of 3D Wall panels, Ceiling Panels and Floor Panels(Coming soon). Our products are made in China and distributed by Tradea Inc in all states of United States.
We stock beautiful designs of 3D wall panels made with 100% PVC material. Unlike other products in market, our 3D Wall panels have 1mm thickness which ensures long durability and light weight of the product.

  • Fine and premium quality 3D Wall panels made with durable PVC material.
  • Size of Each panel is 500*500mm (19.7”x19.7”) with 1mm thickness.
  • White color and easily paintable matt surface.
  • Light weight(11.6oz), Fire Resistant, Waterproof, Moisture Protected, Unbreakable and will not wrinkle over time like plant fiber panels.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • DIY easy installation. Stick on wall with double tape or glue.
  • Suitable for any interior wall design or exterior wall covering in home or office. Ideal places include TV wall background, bed headboards wall, children room, stairs, living room walls, washroom wall, kitchen walls, offices, presentation rooms, halls, stage background, etc.


Be Amazed


Fire & Flame Resistant

Safe to install in home. Tested fireproof and flame resistant.


DIY - Easy Installation

Do it yourself. Easy installation with tape or glue.



Waterproof and Humidity resistant.



Smooth surface. Paint any texture with oil paint.


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