Artistically Alluring 3D Wall Art Panels

3D Wall Panels by Trend Panels USA are a perfect fit and ultimate answer to your old & awkward looking walls & ceilings. Made with PVC, Genuinely durable & fire resistant, the panels transform ordinary walls into spectacular dramatic spaces by providing an elegant and stunning 3D visual impact to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration, company logo wall, lobby backdrop, reception in office, restaurant, cafes or night clubs decoration.
3D wall panels are relatively economic wall materials’ comparing other usual solutions available provides an uninterrupted continuous flow across panel designs in all directions flawlessly covers any large/small wall or ceiling area.
Easy to install & finish by “Doing It Yourself” AND curbing the high cost of installation.

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Product Features

  • Fine and premium quality 3D Wall panels made with durable PVC material.
  • Size of Each panel is 500*500mm (19.7”x19.7”) with 1mm thickness.
  • White color and easily paintable matt surface.
  • Light weight(11.6oz), Fire Resistant, Waterproof, Moisture Protected, Unbreakable and will not wrinkle over time like plant fiber panels.
  • DIY easy installation with double tape(included) or glue.
  • Suitable for any interior wall design or exterior wall covering in home or office. Ideal places include TV wall background, bed headboards wall, children room, stairs, living room walls, washroom wall, kitchen walls, offices, presentation rooms, halls, stage background, etc.